Lincoln PowerPoint Template

Present your data in an authoritative and confident way with Lincoln PowerPoint template. Whether it is a formal presentation to business associates, partners, potential clients, presenting a market analysis report, or an informal design or app pitch, this template is the perfect pick. Its unique design with a focus on images appeals to audiences more and sends your message in style.

It has a unique blue and tan color combination that gives users a “ground & sky” vibe. All the charts, infographics, vectors, icons, and thumbnails use similar shades to give your presentations a grand and unparalleled ambiance.

Lincoln PowerPoint template also allows users to use specialized mockups in their presentations with the option of adding an android or apple phone, tablet, or a Mac or Windows PC to appeal to a specific or general audience, as they please.

The creative team behind Lincoln PowerPoint template have created a wide range of infographics styles that users can employ, such as a hot air balloon chart, pyramid flow charts, hexagonal infographics, creative table designs, and many other designs. These are all the disposal of users to spice up their presentations and amaze the audience. Data represented in style is always remembered by viewers, and Lincoln PowerPoint template offers new styles that users are sure to remember.

Also included in the template are country, continental and worldwide maps, fully customizable and editable by the user on Microsoft PowerPoint. These maps can be labeled in different colors to give users more flexibility with their data. Users can also zoom into the maps if they wish to present data about a certain state, region or even a couple of countries within a continent.

All these slides are in full high definition (1080p) so that users can give off a more professional look when presenting. The template is widescreen, meaning its aspect ratio is 16:9 by default, however people who wish to present their data on a smaller screen or with old projectors can change it to 4:3 with only a few simple clicks. Microsoft PowerPoint will convert the slides with only minor changes in the slides.

Template Features

  • 36 innovative slides design for users to choose from
  • Full HD slides with 16:9 aspect ratio, changeable to 4:3 without any major changes in layout
  • Customizable slides, charts, infographics, mockups, graphs and colors
  • Vibrant design
  • Suited for formal and informal presentations
  • Editable world map with the option of presentation data in states, nations, and continents
  • Different ideas for each introductory slide
  • Complimenting welcome and goodbye pages for more interesting and intriguing presentations.

Please Note: Stock Photos are not included

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Lincoln PowerPoint Template Slides Preview

Lincoln PowerPoint Template Slides Preview


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