15 Professional Powerpoint Templates for Business Presentations

Download 15 professional Powerpoint templates to create a modern and clean presentation. These templates can be used for a small business startup, or for a large corporate meeting.

Here we featured the best professional Powerpoint templates to deliver eye-catching presentations:

1. Innovation Professional Powerpoint Presentation Template

Innovation professional presentation template

If you are looking for a professional presentation for Powerpoint that will give a powerful message while making a lasting impression on your audience, then you should use the trendy and modern Innovation Powerpoint Template. Innovation means new and revolutionary, making this the perfect presentation template to present new and inspiring ideas to your audience for great things to come.

So, why present a boring presentation when you can give an incredible, high-quality, creative, and inspiring presentation. In fact, this template has about 70 unique slides that are fully editable. This presentation template will surprise you with how easy it is for you to edit, considering that you have to add your information and change anything you need, like color and size,  with the click of a few buttons.

Innovation Powerpoint Template has 24 color themes for you choose from and 60 different color schemes. This presentation is yours, so you can add, delete, and rearrange the slides, layout, or order giving you unlimited ways to present your information. Also, you can add infographics, helping people who understand things visually, to explain data. Also, using images help you give the big picture, while visually appealing to the audience with something different rather than just words on a screen.

Wow, your audience with the Innovation Powerpoint Template. This template can be used for a small business starting up, or for a large corporate meeting, either way, this presentation is sure to make a professional and lasting impression.

2. Professional PPT Template for Clean Projects

Clean Powerpoint template

Clean is a multipurpose and professional ppt template ideal for modern and aesthetic presentations. Also, it's great to give information about your history, experience, and plans, you can use timelines to make the information more visually appealing. Show off the members of your team, what they do, and how they contribute to the business. Add images, which will visually enhance your audience's attention.

3. Nova Professional Minimal Powerpoint Template

Nova minimal professional Powerpoint template

Minimal does not always mean not enough or too little, sometimes having a small quantity is better than having too much. Nova Minimal Powerpoint Template is a clean and organized template that has a professional finish. Even though the presentation has minimal information, it is enough to give the audience a clear understanding and exciting presentation. To keep the audience from daydreaming you have to be able to keep it short, sweet, and to the point. Having too much on the slide can overwhelm the audience; as a result, you will lose their focus, and they won't pay attention to you.

This professionalism presentation template has more than 100 distinctive slides for you to edit, meaning that you have more than enough to add all the information you would like to give to your audience. Besides, some slides allow you to create infographics to provide the audience with visual data information. Infographics are great for visual learners because they would understand the data more through the image rather than just hearing and reading about. Similarly, pictures help to enhance the audience's attention by giving the audience a little more than just words on a screen to look at. Besides, you will get 450 vector icons to use.

Because of the simple, clean, and well designed minimal presentation template, you will impress your audience and give a clear message of what you were presenting to them. So, don't stress trying to create a competent and professional presentation when you have this contemporary template, with a unique and creative layout.


  • 100 professional minimal unique slides for Powerpoint
  • All slides are fully editable; therefore you can quickly change colors and text boxes.
  • Simple and clean slide layouts
  • You can export these slides to PDF, JPG, etc.
  • 16:9 widescreen design
  • It includes high-quality vector graphics

    4. Marketing Pitch Deck Professional Powerpoint Template

    Marketing pitch deck powerpoint template

    Looking for a creative and stylish professional presentation to present a new idea to your company and make your data stand out? If you are, then we suggest you use the Marketing Pitch Deck Powerpoint Template to impress your audience. This modern and creative business model will not only make you stand out, but will give you a professional, clean, and organized presentation.

    Includes 60 fully editable slides for customizing and add all your information, data, and plans to be presented. Engage your audience with this colorful presentation, to enhance their attention and make it visually appealing. You can change just about anything you need, like add or delete anything on the layout, resize graphics, rearrange the slides, you have unlimited ways to move things around. Also, you can change the color theme with a click of a button. This presentation template provides 24 different color themes for you to choose from.

    In addition, you can add infographics and images. Using infographics and images can help enhance your audience's attention by giving something more than words on a screen. Infographics are great because they help explain, support, and prove data and outcomes since the number don't lie. On the other hand, a picture is worth a thousand words so let your audience get the big picture using images. As a bonus, you are provided with 450 icons for you to use as needed throughout the presentation.

    So don't settle for a normal and basic presentation, but use this out of the box presentation to impress your audience and show what you are capable of.

    5. Business Plan Professional Powerpoint Templates

    Business Plan PowerPoint Template

    Business Plan is composed of 60 creative slides, that are full of color to make your information stand out. In fact, each slide is fully editable and based on a Master Slide, making it easier for you to change anything to give it the look you want. In addition, you are provided with 24 pre-made color themes for you to choose from. Also, you have a dark and light version of the presentation to give it the look you want. Don't settle for a boring and simple presentation template, but stand out and leave a lasting impression.

    6. Branding Professional Presentation Template

    Branding Powerpoint Template

    This professional ppt presentation has everything you will need to create an impressive presentation. In fact, your audience will get an impression of you starting with your title slides. If you get their attention in the introduction, then you will most like have their attention throughout the presentation. The introduction slides consist of a message from the company, their agenda, vision, ideas, and many more details about what their business stands for.

    7. Business Growth Professional PPT Presentation

    Business Growth Powerpoint Template

    For a professional and simple presentation template to amaze your audience use the Business Growth Powerpoint Template. This template is fully editable, letting you add all the information you need to present, changing the colors used, and helping you create an amazing presentation. So, don't stress trying to create a one of a kind and well-designed presentation, when you can use this presentation template to make it look however you want.

    The Business Growth Powerpoint Template is composed of 72 easy to edit and customizable slides that you can add, delete and rearrange to make the slides and everything flow and look the way you want it to. You can choose to change the color theme using one of 60 pre-made color themes provided by just a click of a button. The colors used will make each slide stand out, attracting the audience and enhancing their focus to the presentation.

    In addition, the template provides a variety of infographics for you to edit and customize to make your data stand out. Becuase of the infographics used, you will visually appeal to the audience's attention with something different other than words. Also, you can use images to give a bigger picture of what you are talking about. In addition to using images and infographics, the template provides more than 900 icons for you to use throughout the presentation, making  your presentation visually appealing

    This presentation has a professional finish that will impress your audience, but it will also impress you with how easy it is to customize and create your unique and modern presentation.

    8. Company Profile Powerpoint Template

    Company Profile Powerpoint Template

    If you are looking for a trendy presentation, that will help your information stand out with its use of color, then we recommend you use this professional and modern Company Profile Powerpoint Template. Because this presentation is contemporary and colorful with a minimalistic style, it will give you a professional, clean, and organized look. Impress your employers, co-workers, and investors with a presentation that is informative and visually appealing.

    The Company Profile Powerpoint Template is composed of 60 creative slide layouts, that are fully editable, which will also impress you with how easy it is to edit and customize. If you don't like the colors used, then you can choose any of the 24 color themes that are provided. In fact, this template also provides 450 icons for you to use throughout the Powerpoint template.

    In addition, you have a variety of infographics that you can customize with your information to create visuals for any data that is mentioned. This will help enhance the audience's attention by providing visual data, rather than just reading and hearing about it. Also, you can visually capture their attention by adding images. A picture is worth a thousand word, so why not add an image or picture that gives the audience a better understanding? Not only will they get a better idea, but they will appreciate having something other than words and data to look at.

    So, don't stress or waste time creating a presentation to impress your audience with. The Company Profile Powerpoint Template will not only impress your audience but will also show how creative and what you are capable of to represent your company professionally.

    9. Impreza Powerpoint Template

    Impreza Powerpoint Template

    If you are looking for a template that is easy to edit, then Impreza would be a presentation template to consider. This clean and professional template is fully editable and ready for you to customize. Impress your audience with an entertaining presentation that uses color to attract the audience's attention and its clean and organized layout make your presentation visually appealing.

    This presentation is composed of 52 creative slides, that you can rearrange and change in an infinite amount of ways, to add your information and be able to present it however you want. You can present this template in a light or dark version. The light version uses a white colored background, while the dark version uses a dark blue background. Both versions have the same things and use colors that stand out on both backgrounds, and helps your information stand out. If you do not like the color scheme, you can change it to one of the 12 pre-made color schemes provided.

    In addition to changing the color, you are able to add images and infographics as needed. In fact, using infographics, you can visually explain, support, and prove any of the important points visually, helping those in the audience who are visual learners. Also, you can use images to have them focus on something visual, other than words on a screen. This template provides you with 800 icons that you can use throughout the presentation to capture the audience's attention to important details like an email, phone number, address, etc.

    10. Neue Minimal PowerPoint Template

    Neue Minimal PowerPoint Template

    If you are looking for a powerful minimalist presentation that is simple yet has a classic and sophisticated look, then the perfect template for you to use would be the Neue template. Since this is a minimal presentation, the slides are simple, clean, and organized layouts for you to be able to add enough information to get your point across but not overwhelm your audience. The contemporary and simple design the slides have will impress your audience with the professional finish that it has, not to mention, the all the features included in the template.

    Neue is fully editable, letting you add, delete, and rearrange all the information you want. In fact, you have more than 100 slides to put all your information on, be able to add and edit infographics and add images to create an outstanding presentation. Did you know that adding infographics and images is a great way to visually appeal to the reader attention? Even though graphs, tables, diagram are not the most exciting things to look at, some people understand data better if presented visually to them then having to hear or read about it. Infographics help explain, support, or even prove any facts mentioned in the presentation.  Also, images are also visual aids that capture the audience's attention, because it gives them something different to look at rather than just words on the screen. So, impress your audience with a sophisticated simple and informative presentation.

    11. Next Level Powerpoint Template

    Next Level Powerpoint Template

    Create a modern and trendy Powerpoint presentation using Next Level, which is where you always want to aim for in your business. This presentation template is composed of 60 creative slides that are based on a Master Slide, which means that is simple to customize. In fact, this template provides 60 different color themes, including a light and dark version of the presentation. Impress your audience by creating an outstanding presentation using the Next Level Powerpoint Template.

    Since this is your presentation, you are able to customize and rearrange anything on the slides needed to present your information how you want to present it. This template was designed to have just about anything needed to present to your audience, like a timeline to outline your company's past achievements from beginning to present. In fact, there are multiple different types of slides for just about anything you may need.

    There is a variety of infographics provided for you to use, like maps, arrow diagrams, S.W.O.T. diagrams, cycle diagrams, flowcharts, bar graphs, and more. If you are trying to compare prices or quality, then the template also provides a three-column or four-column price table, a comparison slides, that includes bar graphs for more information.  In addition, you can add images to show latest projects going on or to use as backgrounds. Also, you have mockups for a website, mobile devices, or computer monitors.

    Do you want a successful presentation that is informative? Then get the Next Level Powerpoint Template, and create a presentation that effective and remarkable. As a result, you will leave a lasting impression on your audience. There is so much that can be done with this presentation template.

    12. Target Powerpoint Template

    Target Powerpoint Template

    For a colorful presentation template that is modern and creative, yet still, have a professional and clean finish use the Target Powerpoint Template. This presentation template is an eye-catching presentation using color and a clean layout to help you information stand out while presenting a clear message of what is being presented by the speaker.

    This presentation template consists of 70 creative slides that stand out with its unique layouts and the eye-catching colors it uses. You can add, delete, and rearrange anything on the template and slide layouts to customize it and have it present your information the way you want to present it. You can choose from 24 pre-made color schemes to use in your presentation to match the business or companies colors, or even just the theme of the topic. Besides if you do not like the pre-made color schemes, you can even change the colors with three simple clicks

    You can add infographics and images to visually appeal to the audience, and give them something other than words on a screen to look at. Infographics are great for visual learners to understand any of the data discussed in the presentation. Similarly, you can add images to give the big picture of what is going on in the presentation. Both will enhance the audience's attention, and help them get a clear understanding. Also, you could use any of the 450 icons provided in the template for you use throughout the presentation. Icons can capture the audience's attention to important information they would need to focus on.

    13. Ghost Powerpoint Template

    Ghost Minimal PowerPoint Template

    If you want a simple and minimal presentation that can make a great impact on your audience, and have a professional, clean finish, then use the Ghost Powerpoint Template. This presentation is composed of more than 100 unique, clean, and straightforward slides. Because of its simple and minimal design, this presentation will impress your audience with its modern and unique feel.

    As a matter of fact, this minimal presentation is easy to edit letting you rearrange, delete, add and change anything you would need to make your presentation flow eloquently. In addition, you are provided with 450 icons for you to use in your presentation to add visuals, enhancing your audience's attention by giving them a little more other than words on a screen.

    Also, there are slides for you to add your infographics and images. Infographics are great to help explain any data mentioned and show it in a visually appealing way, also, it helps explain the data to those more visual people. Similarly, you can add images to help give the big picture, sometimes having images, can say more than the words on the screen could ever state. Infographics and images can both be used to also support or prove any information mentioned in the template, so get creative and help your audience get a clear understanding.

    Ghost Minimal Powerpoint Template has a very contemporary look that will surely impress any diverse audience. So, to make it even more comfortable for you, this presentation allows you to drag and drop images, text boxes, etc., making it easier to create your professional presentation.  In fact, you do not have to be an expert to use this presentation, just know the basics of working with Powerpoint. As a result of using this presentation, you will leave your audience with a clear message and a lasting impression. So, don't be like everyone else, but stand out.

    14. Amazing Powerpoint Template

    Amazing Powerpoint template

    The Amazing Powerpoint Template does not need much of an introduction since the title describes this template, amazing. But, what makes this presentation amazing? This presentation will not only impress your audience, but it will also impress you with how easy it is to customize, without having to spend hours stressing on how to create the perfect presentation. in fact, this template is so amazing you can use it for any business, pitches, school project, and more.

    This presentation is composed of about 50 simple and clean slides that give this presentation a modern and trendy look. Since this is your presentation to present, this template allows you change to change the color, exchange images, edit graphs, use icons, and just change anything to make it look and organize your information how you want.

    You can change the pre-made colors to match your companies color or to match the color theme of the topic. In fact, you can also change the background color, whether you want a dark version or a light version. The dark version consists of a dark blue background while the light version consists of a white background.

    Using visuals are a great way to enhance the audience's attention. Images are great to show the big picture since a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes showing an image can help enhance the audience's attention since they are looking at something other than words on a screen. Similarly, infographics are used to make information stand out. In addition, the template provides 450 icons for you to use and attract the audience to important information. So stand out and wow your audience with an amazing presentation.

    15. Startup Pitch Deck Powerpoint Template

    Startup Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

    If you want a modern and professional presentation that will make any business pitch stand out, then use the Startup Pitch Deck Powerpoint Template. This professional pitch deck template has a modern and clean design that will impress your audience with its unique and simple design. In addition, this presentation will impress you with how easy it is to create a professional presentation without spending hours stressing where to even begin.

    This Startup Pitch Deck Powerpoint Template is very easy to customize, and lets you add all your information needed to be presented. You can do just about anything to this presentation, to give it the look you want to present to your audience. This presentation template gives you 24 distinctive color themes, whether you want to use dark colors or light colors, you can choose.

    Since this is a pitch presentation, or maybe you're presenting a business report, in any case, you are able to add infographics. As a matter of fact, this presentation template has a variety of slides with different types of graphs, tables, and diagrams for you to add your own data. Also, to make you can make your presentation more visually appealing by adding images. An image can help demonstrate, explain, or give the big picture of what you just discussed. Both images and infographics help enhance your audience's attention by giving you audience visuals, other than just words on a screen. In fact, you can also add any of the 450 icons provided. Icons help in capturing the audience's attention to important information.

    So, use the Startup Pitch Deck Presentation for your business pitch, meeting, report, or any presentation to give a professional and creative look.